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Chipotle Meco Chillies

Chipotles are dried smoked jalapeno chillies. There are two types of chipotle, Morita and Meco. Chipotle Morita are harvested when the jalapenos are young and green (and plentiful). But the farmers leave part of the crop to mature to it's full ripe redness. These (fresh) red jalapenos are very popular, so even fewer are left for the production of Chipotle Meco, which are not picked until the pods are beginning to dry on the plant. They are then typically smoked for twice as long as their Morita siblings. As a result Chipotle Meco are harder to find and generally more expensive than Chipotle Morita. The Chilli Devil is pleased to be able to offer these Chipotle Meco at a very competitive price - but there's no telling how long that will last!
To use chipotless to flavour soups, stews, chilli-con-carne or sauces, first 'toast' them by tossing them in a hot dry frying pan or skillet until they begin to release their aroma, then rehydrate in recently boiled water for 15-20 minutes. Discard most of the water and blend the chillies and remaining liquid into a puree to be added to your dish. Alternatively rehydrate and chop finely to flavour salsa or ceviche.

Net weight 50g, in resealable bag.

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