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Hoptastic Chilli Sauce Selection

Only the Chilli Devil makes chilli sauces with hops, and here we have three amazing unique chilli sauces in one presentation box!
Like chillies, hops come in a huge range of flavours - hence the huge variety of flavours in different beers.
The Chilli Devil's fascination with the combination of chillies and hops began with the BBQ, Beer and Chilli Sauce. The addition of a little Saaz hop oil reinforces the beery flavour and also reduces the high citrus notes from the tomatoes.
Citrus Cascade Chilli Sauce brings together citrussy Cascade hops with citrussy Habanero chillies. The end result is a sweet tangy hot sauce with a 75,000 SHU kick.
The Naga Challenger takes that theme even further, combining Challenger hops and Naga chillies in another sweet tangy sauce, but this time with a whopping 300,000 SHU sting in the tail. This sauce has been described as "one of the best non-extract sauces available in the UK".

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