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Label Design Notes

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Thank you for showing an interest in custom labelled sauces from CD Sauces. The notes below are intended to help you or your designer to create a full label to fit one of our standard 5oz / 150ml sauce bottles. Please also refer to the templates and examples provided. The overall dimensions of your finished label will be 140mm (w) x 80mm (h), but the background should be 146mm x 86mm. The background colour(s) or image should extend all the way to the edge of this area; this is the 'bleed' we allow for cutting and trimming the labels to make sure we do not get any unwanted white edges. Other elements of the design should be at least 6mm from the edge of your design, .which would make them 3mm from the edge of the trimmed and finished label. See the templates below. 

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This template shows a 4-panel design, most useful for B2B customers who wish to convey some information about the sauce to their customers via the space in panel 2.Private clients designing a label for a custom label sauce or a chilli sauce making experience day may prefer to use a 3-panel design as in the template below.

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Notes. Bear in mind it is a legal requirement that everything in panel 4 is legible. If you need your product bar-coded I can advise on the best way of achieving that at low cost, or I can allocate a unique ean (European standard) bar code for your product for a one-off cost of just £17.00 If you would like a QR code to link to your website (or whatever) I can create one that will work reliably on the finished labels. You can also do it yourself if you want.   I'd recommend no smaller than 2cm square, with a pixel size of 6, border 4 and medium error correction if you have those options. has a good online code generator. Windows and Mac users can download QR Code Studio from, or if you have a Linux computer you can install QtQR. The above resources are not endorsed by me (though I do use QtQR myself) and I can not be held responsible for any difficulty you experience from using them - talk to the developers!

Please ensure that you have permission / rights to use any graphics, images, logos, names or other intellectual properties that form part of your design. It is a condition of the contract between us that you indemnify Ian Ibbetson / Chilli Devil Sauces / CD Sauces from any legal liability arising from the use of such material.

Your finished design should be in the form of a .jpg, .tif, .png or .bmp file, with a resolution of 300dpi.

If you have any questions about your label design, please contact us :)

Download these notes as a .pdf file