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Naga (Ghost) Chillies


An extremely hot chilli, originally from Nagaland in North East India. Nagas - also known as 'Ghost' chillies or technically "bhut Jolokia" - have a fruity flavour and a massive heat. Handle with care. (Tip; Capcaisin disolves in oil, but not water, so if you get capcaisin on your hands through handling these chillies, don't just wash them. Rub your hands with vegetable oil first, then wash them.)

To use, begin with just one pod in a dish for 2-4 people. Leave it whole (not crushed or chopped) and taste your dish throughout the cooking process. When the desired heat level has been reached, the whole chilli can be removed.

Dried Nagas can be rehydrated before use, but be warned; if you use hot water you will fumigate your kitchen with the aroma of hot chilli!

Net weight 20g, in resealable bag.

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